ValueChain Logistics

Our value chain brings together our vast resources, key business practices, and strategic process to provide the most advanced and versatile logistics solution in the industry.

By the Numbers

Rail Car Capacity

Million Tons Storage Capacity

Terminal Locations

365 Days of the year

We've built the logistics conquering system, and call it Logitrac™

Logitrac™ is a full-featured proprietary logistics management system designed to meet the needs of a variety of distribution scenarios.

Logitrac™ works to improve the efficiency of order fulfillment and dispatching, while significantly improving throughput volumes, order cycle times and a better customer experience.

Multiple features essential to logistics

  • Distribution Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence

Logitrac™ brings control to the supply chain environment, and provides absolute visibility into the processes.

The Last Mile

Full Turnkey Logistics Solution

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