The leading supplier of silica sand

About Us

TSS LLC, headquartered in Gainesville, TX is a leading supplier of high quality silica sand to major oil and gas services companies.

TSS’s objective is to create a seamless process for the energy service operations. We focus specifically on the proppant (frac) sand service to the well site. Our distribution offices and terminals are strategically located to provide reliable, cost-effective services in Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Dakota.


We are one of the few frac sand suppliers able to provide a full product mix that meet the precise specifications of our customers anywhere in the Country.


As a leader in proppant logistics and distribution, TSS understands that there is no room for error when you’re responsible for bringing products to our customers.

As a committed partner we draw on companywide ingenuity and expertise to find the most reliable, safe, and efficient proppant-related solutions. Our goal is to make a positive difference not only through our product but by working to create a better quality of life for our customer, our employee’s, and our community.

Our Principals

Our value chain is built on three key business principals. Performance, proximity, and productivity.

The primary objective of these principals is to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of our resources, distribution capacity, and inventory strategically striking a balance between the lowest material cost and overall logistics management activities.


Integrating and optimizing key business processes leading to better-planned overall supply chain best practices.


A system of the best people, activities, and information involved in transforming the highest quality of natural resources for our customers with speed and simplicity.


TSS’s Value Chain- Our strategically placed industrial proppant terminal operations mean we are one of the few frac sand distributors capable of providing a full combination of capacity and the link to quality products.